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I have always taken a keen interest in sport and it has played a large influence in my life as well as in my families lives.  Being outdoors and active always leaves me invigorated, relaxed, happy and motivated and it is this

What is Nordic Walking?

What is Nordic Walking?

What is Nordic Walking?  “It’s all about you” the walker. It can be done by anybody, anywhere and does not require expensive clothing or equipment.  It’s fun, healthy, sociable and inexpensive. You are outdoors in the fresh air, it’s peaceful

Nordic Walking Classes and Prices

Classes & Prices

Saturday morning (weather dependent) 09h00 – 10h00 Venue varies between Stoke Park, Merrow Common, Newlands Corner & (to be confirmed) £10.00 per 45 – 60minute class If you use my poles £12.00   First Sunday every month 09h30 Suburban Coffee

Benefits of Nordic Walking

Benefits of Nordic Walking

Why should you Nordic Walk – what will you gain from this? Nordic walking is quite unique in that it benefits everybody from those with medical problems to the super fit. Whatever your age, fitness level or general life goals, Nordic

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What Clients Say

I was fortunate enough to be given a voucher for Xmas that entitled me to purchase Nordic Walking Sticks & induction course with a local instructor. I had one to one instruction from Wendy Dunk for one hour once a week for four weeks. IT WAS EXCELLENT - thank you Wendy I now feel confident that I will be using my walking sticks to the full with the hope that my health will improve to the point I maybe in the future with medical advice come off the small dose of blood pressure medication I am currently on. I must say Wendy was so patient and observant in what I needed to concentrate on to become proficient in using my Nordic Poles. I feel this will be an Xmas present that will benefit me for many years so worth every penny invested and Wendy's instruction was the icing on the cake. Thank You - Wendy.


I had been given a set of Nordic Walking Poles as a present and wanted to learn how to use them correctly. I checked on the Nordic Walking Official Website and found Wendy's contact details. She proved to be an excellent and patient teacher. We went through the basics and the techniques required and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with her and the group.


Having decided that it was time to get fit I approached Wendy and have spent several 1:1 sessions with her over the last few weeks and after just a short time I am starting to gain the benefits. Wendy is very thorough with her warm up practices and her teaching style I have found easy to follow. What I like is you will be walking along and then she’ll stop you and give you a few exercises to do and then when you have completed the walk there are final stretches to do. I feel energised and that I have worked many areas of the body. Nordic Walking for me is perfect being outside and taking in the breath taking views at the Devil’s Punch Bowl and I know that is something that I will definitely continue. Thank you Wendy for helping me on my way to becoming more focussed on getting fit.