Interesting article below that tells us that those of us that now know how to Nordic Walk are ahead of the health game, so just keep walking!

Nordic Walking in the news – one of the ‘best forms of exercise’

This isn’t news to us of course, but a recent review by Public Health England concluded that most people are still not doing the right kind of exercise to benefit their health. Nordic walking has it covered as the technique and workout walks includes cardiovascular and resistance work. There were various articles in the press about it a couple of weeks ago which stated.

“The best forms of exercise, according to the review of evidence, are ball games, racket sports, dance, Nordic walking and resistance training – usually training with weights, but including body weight exercises which can be performed anywhere”

I hope that those of you who have learned how to use the poles have found walks near to you and are having fun walking and socialising and finding out just how great this exercise is knowing you are benefiting your health and longevity.

The picture reminds you of the heel strike first then the roll over squashing that lemon!

Nordic Walking UK events:
The Purbeck Festival is taking place down in Devon near Corfe Castle from September 14th – 16th and I will be there bringing back new ideas for walks and classes. Lots of events from Smovey workouts (look that one up) Beach workouts, lots of beautiful walks through the country, visiting castles, Pole’ates, ski fit workshops, stretching masterclasses, Tai Chi Walks, just to mention a few. I will be there the whole time and am SO looking forward to it.

Nordic News Brief – August 2018

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