How can we check that we are using our poles in the right way – what have we forgotten? 

Nordic Walking is sociable and fun and we get to chat to our fellow walkers, but sometimes we forget what our poles are doing, or should be doing. We are outside walking, we are motivated and keen but sometime we don’t get the maximum benefit we should be getting from the poles because we are having such a great time with our friends – not a train smash, but now and again we need to just brush up our technique. 

We are all guilty of sliding back into bad habits until somebody or something reminds us and we go “oops – forgot about that!” 

We all had a reason for wanting to take up Nordic walking, whether it was to improve our health, build up a social group, lose weight, recover from an op or other such thing. So, if we forget our technique we are not going to improve our health in any way, socially we will probably be right on top of our game but we need to get the most out of our poles as well, and continue to progress and improve our fitness levels.

 As Nordic Walking UK Instructors we try to balance the need to provide sociable, relaxed sessions with a degree of motivation to try a wee bit harder every now and then. 

We hold occasional technique refresher sessions to remind you of how the poles help propel you forward, how you need to engage the full power of your upper body. I also personally want you to contact me and ask if there is one running near you.  I am flexible with my availability most of the time, so just contact me through my contact page. 

The following is a quote from Nordic Walking UK.

How can you check just how effective your technique is?

Here’s a simple little test that can be done pretty much anywhere but is even more effective when performed on a slight uphill climb.

All you need to do is to Nordic Walk at optimum pace and focus on a tree, lamppost or park bench etc in the near distance. Keep Nordic Walking as you approach this marker but as you pass it LIFT YOUR POLES whilst keeping the legs moving at exactly the same pace. If you have been using your poles correctly, you should feel a marked deceleration in speed and your legs should feel heavy.

If you perform this check and you only notice a slight difference, it’s time to pop back to your Instructor to re visit how your upper body is being used. Chances are, you are using mainly arm power and not engaging the larger muscles which means you are not getting that all important power through the poles.

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