Nordic Walking About MeI have always taken a keen interest in sport and it has played a large influence in my life as well as in my families lives.  Being outdoors and active always leaves me invigorated, relaxed, happy and motivated and it is this feeling that I want to pass on to everyone. My interest in Nordic Walking seemed to be a natural extension of the active life I already have.

I initially trained as a nurse and after many fulfilling years in hospitals I moved into Human Resources. In between this and raising a family I qualified as a swimming instructor, aerobic instruction, rehabilitation aqua aerobics instruction, beauty therapy and life coaching.  My career as a nurse taught me the complexities of anatomy and physiology of the human body and how everything should move in a natural fashion.

Having this understanding of human physiology, together with my career of working with and managing diverse groups of people and my sport involvement has all helped to make me the person I am today and has been instrumental in making me a good teacher with a lot of patience and understanding.

My journey into Nordic Walking “just happened”.  Outdoors, healthy, and interactive are a few words amongst many that signposted me to Nordic Walking UK website.

  • Nordic Walking UK Accredited Instructor
  • NANW

My professional qualifications are from Nordic Walking UK and American Nordic Walking Association and include the following:

  • Advanced Nordic Walking Diploma (Nordic Walking UK)
  • Advanced Nordic Walking Diploma (American Nordic Walking Association)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Walking (Nordic Walking UK)
  • Introduction to MSE (Muscular Strength & Endurance)  this allows me to introduce a circuit training element with specific equipment and using naturally available equipment such as park benches, trees and steps etc. all adding more fun and enhancing the walk by using nature.
  • Remote Outdoor First Aid with Surrey First Aid Training
  • Diploma as a qualified Professional Life Coach (London Coaching Academy)


What Clients Say

Don’t like gyms particularly but love walking & taking snaps along the way. And so, my try something new this year is: Nordic Walking. Wendy took myself & two friends, on an exploration of how a couple of poles & keen enthusiasm can turn a stroll into a full body workout whilst enjoying the company of others. Her gentle approach, encouraging words & overall expertise have resulted in a new & loved well-being hobby for myself & I have today, become the proud owner of my own poles. Freedom to explore our beautiful countryside, meet new folk, socialise & keep fit at the same time: priceless. Thank you, Wendy

— Tracey Aug’18