A variety of Nordic Walking classes are offered in and around Guildford. Please click on the classes below to find out more information and prices:

Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning Walks

Venue varies between Stoke Park, Merrow Common, Newlands Corner, Painshill Park and River Walk

£12 per 45 - 60 minute class

If you use my poles £14.00


Saturday Morning 09h30 - 10h30
Friday Afternoon 14h30 - 15h30


Suburban Coffee Walk - Easy Walk

This speaks for itself. We walk on and off road through a designated route, and end up with coffee somewhere.
This is usually a bit of a mystery and an informal social walk.
I am always open to suggestions on this one, ideas for routes, coffee etc.
Feel free to bring a friend who walks and your camera or phone if you want to stop and take photos.

£12 and £2 if using my poles (we each pay for our own coffee)

45 - 60 minutes

First Sunday of every month 09h30

Nordic Circuits - Not for beginners

Nordic walking circuits involves the use of our Nordic poles, resistance bands, the Smovey, park benches, trees and steps,working with partners etc to improve our muscle strength and endurance, balance and stability, flexibility and coordination and in some cases our speed and agility.

The class must have a minimum of 4 people to really benefit.

£12 and £2 if using my poles

Pole’ates - you will need to be a reasonable walker for this class with no injuries

A mixture of Pilates principles and Nordic Walking Technique makes for a fun way to focus on your core and body alignment encouraging more flexibility with interactive exercises during the class.

£12 and £2 if using my poles

Learn to Nordic Walk, Taster Sessions and More...

As a qualified Nordic Walking UK instructor I also offer the following classes.  For more information on these please check out the descriptions on the left of this page and to contact me about these classes please do so via my Nordic Walking UK profile here.

Learn to Nordic Walk:

4 Sessions

£45 one off cost, additional one off cost of £5 for pole hire

Taster Session:

£5 and if using my poles an additional £2

Just call me and I will make arrangements to do this with you at Stoke Park, Guildford.

Technique Reminder:

45 minutes £12

Wellbeing Walks:

45 minutes £12

Workout Walks:

45-60 minutes £12