Welcome to my Pilates pages..

My whole life has been about the human body, how body movement can lead to optimal performance through correct alignment and focus, what it can and cannot achieve. Nursing and playing sport and then teaching different sports from rehabilitation aqua-aerobics, squash, swimming, Nordic walking and now in mid-life Pilates.

My adventure into Pilates started a few years back when I lived in America for 3 months. The Pilates instructor whose class I most favoured played a big part in my motivation to become an Instructor.

After every class I looked forward to the next one – to listen to how she explained an exercise, demonstrated, offered modifications to difficult exercises, how she used small equipment to enhance a class, and I listened to how she inspired people to progress and feel the full benefit of what Pilates could do. I wanted to do this and do it even better than she did!

I personally had a hip that was regularly giving me pain and being stubborn I was not going to see a Doctor unless it really began to impact on my life, after two Pilates classes I suddenly realised I had no pain or discomfort and this was basically due to me learning to re-align my spine.

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